Installation View Utopia X-posed

Utopia is a five-channel video projection which interferes with long scrolls of paintings on silk, installed as transparent shades in space. Utopia X-Posed was first installed in an apartment Gallery at The High Line in Chelsea, New York. My attempt as artist was to create a fictional and experimental reality which can be seen in and outside of gallery space.

Installation View Utopia X-Posed at The High Line, Chelsea, NY
5-channel video projection
Installation View Utopia X-Posed

8 Transparent Shades (ink on silk, 96 x 54 inches (each))
Projection Window View at The High Line
The High Line, Chelsea, New York

Installation View - Day time
Installation View towards window to The High Line
Installation view 3
Projection detail
Installation View 2
Projection Window View at The High Line 2