Isolde Kille CV

Upcoming Exhibition

10 Feb - 3 March 2024, NDSM Fuse - ecology related art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Utopia, X-Posed at the High Line Park, 19th Street, Chelsea, NY, USA
2007 Der Gegensatz, Lital Mehr Gallery, Chelsea, NY, USA.
2006 Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, Richard Sena Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA
2003 Painting – Photography - Installation, A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2000 Isolde Kille, Radio House Gallery, W 26th Street, New York, NY, USA

Group Exhibitions

Losdok, 8/9/10 dec. 2023, group expo about ecology related art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2023 "Three Constellations", Do!, 16 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

2023 "Sojourner", curated by Kyoko Sato, Sojourner Gallery, 446 West 34th Street, New York

2022 Habitat - Nonstop, curated by Karin Balog, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

2022 "Verschwinden", Octagon, HFBK Dresden, Germany

2022 “Off The Cloth”, curated by K. Cordero Reiman, 9 Avenue B, New York, NY

2022 "Wasteland", curated by Dominic Paul Miller, 65300 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley, CA

2021/22 Perfect Day, curated by Raul Zamudio and Juan Puntes

Organized with Kyoko Sato, WhiteBox Annex @ ChaShaMa Space for Artists, New York, NY

2021 Reflection, Vital Spaces, Santa Fe, NM, USA

2021 The Sun, Light from Space Film festival, curated by Nolan Barry, Chicago, USA

2021 Mixing Identities, Timespecific at London International Art Fair, London, UK
2020 Masks, Mirages, and The Morphic Mirror, London Biennale directed by David Medalla 

2020 Netgain, Central Booking Art Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2020 Female Art curated by Lucy Lippard, Axle Art, Santa Fe, NM, USA

2019 Wish You Were Here 19, A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2019 Atlantis, GlogauAIR Project, Glogauerstrasse, Berlin, Germany

2019 Open Studio, GlogauAIR, Berlin, Germany
2019 Niemandsland, film screening, Berlinale short films, Berlin, Germany
2019 American Dream, curated by S. Windolph, Indianopolis, Indiana, USA
2018 1+1, Jobar Blueprint, Santa Fe, NM 2017 8 Layers @ 8000 feet, September 24, Emeline Park, Haverstraw, NY, USA
2017 Taking back Orange, curated by Jennifer Joseph, ART.i.Factory, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2017 Beauty is the Antidote, curated by Santa Fe Collective, Electric Studios, LA, CA, USA
2017 Multiple Feeds, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2017 Make America, curated by Nancy L. Meyer from LAND, Gallery 825, LA, CA, USA
2017 The early years, Kreuzberg Pavillon, 10999 Berlin, Germany
2016 Electron Salon, LacDa, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2016 DaDa Centennial, Museum of Collage, Santa Fe, NM
2016 Spirit Animal, Santa Fe Collective, Santa Fe, NM
2015 Constellation NYC, The High Line, Chelsea, New York, USA
2015 Drawn to the Wall, Patina Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2015 Collectible Box Auction, Santa Fe Community Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2014 Distant Observations, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2014 Nartificial, curated by Nicole Calderon, Studio 109, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2013 Undefined Abstract – undefined expression, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada
2013 Van Esch Collection, Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, Netherlands
2012 International Art Trade, N2NM Exchange, Farmers market, Santa Fe, NM, USA
2012 Videos from the Underground, Nothing Space, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2011 Von Show, curated by Emil Memon, Bleeker Street, New York, NY, USA 2011 Nurture Art at the Chelsea Art Museum, W 22nd Street, New York, NY, USA
2010 Painting with Pictures, curated by David Gibson, Casita Maria Center, Bronx, NY, USA
2010 Article Projects, curated by David Gibson, Pool Art Fair, W 24th Street, New York, NY, USA
2010 Fahrenheit 241, Bronx art space, curated by Mitsu Hadeishi, Bronx, NY, USA
2009 Me, Me, Me, Article projects, Pool Art Fair, New York, NY, USA
2009 Black Madonna, curated by Lisa Paul Streitfield, HP Garcia Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2008 Synthetic Zero, Bronx Art Space, Curated Mitsu Hadeishi, Bronx, NY, USA 2008 Papers in the wind, Real Form Projects, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2008 Mirror, mirror on the wall, Haven Arts Gallery, Bruckner Blvd. Bronx, NY, USA
2007 Year 07, Mehr Gallery, County Hall, London, UK 2007 Mehr (Mid-town), Lital Mehr Gallery; New York, NY, USA
2006 The closer you get, the further you move away, Pocketbook factory, Hudson, NY, USA
2006 four more years, Time and Space limited, Hudson, NY, USA
2006 The expectations are beyond what is achievable, The Untitled Foundation, Hudson, NY, USA
2006 This is not an archive, Bard College, Annendale Hudson, NY, USA
2005 Summer show, Richard Sena Gallery, 238 Warren Street, Hudson, NY, USA 2005 Auk Dry Goods, curated by David Scher, Hamden, NY
2005 Artist of the Mohawk-Hudson Region, cur. by I. C. Karp, Albany Institute of History & Art, Albany, NY, USA
2004 ‘Manhattan Transfer’, curated by John Weber, Weber Fine Arts, Chatham, NY, USA
2004 Doll House, curated by Tatjana Doll, Orchard Street Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2003 Vibe, The Bass Museum of Art; Miami Beach, Florida, USA
2003 Repetition, Scope Art Fair, Dylan Hotel, E 41st.Street, NY, NY, USA
2002 The Thing, curated by Wolfgang Stähle, The Thing, W 26th Street, New York, NY, USA
2002 Recession, curated by Tim Thyzel, Cynthia Broan Gallery, W 14th Street, NY, NY, USA
2001 Clip 72, Nikolai Fine Arts, 505 W 22nd Street, New York, NY, USA
2001 Live, White Box, W 26th Street, New York, NY, USA
2000 Some (are) Painting, curated by David Gibson, John Gibson Gallery, NY, NY
1998 When Techno turns to Poetry, Kunstwerke (KW) Berlin, Germany
1997 Archive 1990/91, HdBK Dresden, Dresden, Germany
1996 Kleine Häuser, curated by Mechthild Bauer-Babel, Kunstverein Hannover, Germany
1995 Gramercy international Art fair, Gramercy Hotel, New York, NY, USA
1994 Kopula, International Funk Ausstellung, Berlin, Germany
1994 Art fair Basel, presented by Bruno Brunnett, Contemporary fine arts, Basel, Switzerland
1993 Multiples, Lukas & Hoffmann, August Strasse, Berlin, Germany
1992 241, Unfair Cologne, Cologne, Germany
1992 241, Kunstwerke Berlin, Germany


1996 MFA, visual communication, University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany

1991 Fellowship Painting, HfBK Dresden,Germany


2022 Verschwinden, Artist Book (Edition of 2) Published by HFBK Dresden, Germany

2021 The Making Of The Unmaking, article by David Gibson at Gibson Contemporary, NY, NY

2021 Interview with Lucia Curzi at the London Line, London, UK
2021 Interview with Randee Silv from Arteidolia Press, Brooklyn, NY, USA
2020 Netgain Catalogue, published by Central Booking Art Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2019 GlogauAIR Berlin, open studio Catalogue
2019 Straight 8 X Berlinale Special: Artconnect, Berlin, Germany
2016 Into the woods, Barbed Magazine, Spring Issue, issue #4
2015 Drawn to the wall, the medium is the message, Art Santa Fe, The Magazine
2008 Black Madonna, catalog with images, HP Garcia Gallery
2005 Touching Infinity, Interview with Peter Barten, Hudson River magazine 

2004 Weber Exhibition touts talents, by Richards Baim, The Independent

2003 Isolde Kille: Painting - video – installation, by Norman Douglas, Artnet 

2003 War and Peace, by Tina la Porta, NY Arts Magazine

2001 Some (are) painting by Ken Johnson, Art in Review, New York Times
1996 Gespräch über das Eine, Artist book (edition of 100), Wiens Laden Berlin

Grants, Awards, Residency
2019 Herekeke Arts Center, Taos, NM, visiting Artist
2019 GlogauAIR Berlin, Studio residency program, Berlin, Germany
2016 Dave Bown Projects, 12th on-line competition
2011 Artists' Fellowship, Inc., New York, NY
2010 Fellowship, Vermont studio residency, Johnson, VT
2009 Fire lotus, Artist residency in Zen center, Brooklyn, NY
2002 Art Omi International Artists' Residency
1995 Senate for Art & Culture, Berlin, Germany
1994 Senate for Art & Culture, Berlin, Germany
1993 Photography Stipend, Senate for Art & Culture, Berlin, Germany

Leo Külb Collection, Brooklyn, NY, USA and Berlin, Germany
Herbert Volkman Collection, Berlin, Germany
International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction Archives, New Mexico, USA

Private Collection, Miami, Florida, USA

Private Collections, New York, NY, USA

Private Collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Private Collections, Berlin, Germany

Private Collection, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Private Collection, Zürich, Switzerland