Isolde Kille is a contemporary German-American artist known for her experimental approach working in all media. In her installations she often presents unexpected juxtapositions of forms, materials and ideas that suggest new associations and narratives. Her focus is to describe an awareness between the existing conditions and a fictional environment.

"I like to invent the materials. I think it is a part of my job, to invent new techniques—the right technique for everything." she explains. "I prefer to work outside often including weather and elements such as fire, earth, wind and water in my processes.

This allows Kille to develop a dynamic practice that at once investigates and subverts the fundamental elements of art making, blurring the lines between what constitutes painting, sculpture, and everyday object. In dreamlike and often surreal environments Isolde Kille interconnects and collapses all media, moving away from a linear viewing of singular art objects while manipulating art materials and imagery in order to examine art’s relation to social experience. Isolde Kille hopes to revolutionize the interplay of concealment and exposure, action and reaction, in- and outside the gallery space. Integrating conceptual depth with a poetic sensibility and innovative processes her work examines the transition between our analog and digital realities. 

Born in Welver (Westphalia), Germany, Isolde Kille studied painting, photography and film at the art academies in Düsseldorf, Bremen, Dresden and Berlin. She holds a master’s degree in fine arts (Meisterschüler) from the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany. 

Currently she lives and works in Joshua Tree, California, USA.